MED-V MED V Deployment for Multiple user accessing same PC


MED-V – The image has been downloaded or imported by a different Windows user


If you faced this error code most likely you have try to access the MEDV image using different credential who downloaded the First Image .


and if you planning to let the MEDV image support multiple user , here is the few trick that you can consider , I have help one of the customer to deploy this legacy application which running in Windows 2000 


1. Change the Security Permission for your “MEDV IMAGE FOLDER “ … Only user activates and extracts the MED-V Workspace image to the local host can use that . The activating user is the only user that can use that workspace. For multiple users to have access to the same MED-V VM, the ACLS need to be modified for “C:\MED-V Images”. On the Security tab, add  Domain USERS have the READ and WRITE permissions for C:\MEDV Image Folder …


2. After you do this , when you log in another user you will face the error

“This workspace was last accessed by a different user. If you continue, the Workspace will be restarted, losing the machine state that was saved by the last user.” This is because the previous user have logged in and even you restart the session is being locked.


3. What I have do is I created a logoff script for end user to logoff after they using MEDV. I just create it as a shortcut application that for those who wanted to logoff.

4. When I log in as administrator for the first time setup ,  I will complete the entire VM setup with domain join and everything, then I will run the log off shortcut, this will allows me to log off my current domain account and leave the PC clean to the next USER. When it go to anyone who I wanted to deply MEDV .

THE COMPUTER WILL Like a new PC to the new user without any error code…

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