Windows in Images is expired Please Activate it !!!! How to disable your time Synchronization In VPC 2003/2007


Your Windows is Expired and Required Activation … I think this is not something new to you , especially if you always run Vista/XP Image testing.

Or when your client failed to join domain or failed to do Time Net, you will get frustrated and most likely you will unjoin and rejoin domain again.

FAST SOLUTION to you … Run this code in your

By default, when you built your VPC and installed it with the virtual machine additions, you will allow the time synchronization. This is quite useful at certain situations that you dont want your VPC’s time to synchronize.

Open the .vmc file in notepad and find the <integration> elements. Then add the following elements within the <integration> elements,
                        <enabled type=”boolean”>false</enabled>

PS:If your copy paste and run will fail, please try to type the command, it work to me when i type it rather copy paste.


CLick here for more information :

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