Name list for Softgrid Application Sequenced


I would like to list out all the application that i have tested and work in My POC environment.

The list will getting longer and longer as more and more testing going on

Kindly share your problem if you faced any issue while sequencing applications that i have successfully sequenced.

Application sequenced successfully :

  1. Office 97
  2. Office 2000
  3. Office 2002
  4. Office 2003
  5. Office 2007
  6. Adobe Acrobat 7
  7. Adobe Reader 8.1 / 8.2
  8. Beyond Compare 2
  9. Code Wright
  10. SlickEdit
  11. JMP7
  12. Lotus Note Version 8
  13. SAP Version 7


Third Party & legacy Application :

  1. IBS Application
  2. Uniface
  3. AS 400 Terminal Client
  5. UBS9
  6. SPSS12
  7. SPSS14
  8. Mathlab
  9. SAS
  10. Dreamweaver
  11. Word Completion
  12. Hyperion
  13. GDMS
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5 Responses to Name list for Softgrid Application Sequenced

  1. Ronny says:

    how did you softgrid the Spark IM ? it wont start if i try to sequense it..

  2. Unknown says:

    I\’m trying to sequence an application that uses uniface. I keep getting an error each time. At first I thought it was an issue with ODBC but I was able to resolve that by setting the DSN tobe a User DSN instead of a system dsn. This has still not resolved the issue. Were there any quirks that you had to overcome to install it or is my install just messed up?

  3. Glyn says:

    Hihow did you get spark to run, it launches and then shuts down straight away thanks Glyn

  4. Raghavendra Rao says:

    Hi every one,Which version of Spark IM you are trying to Sequence. I have done with the Spark IM 2.5.8 it is working in all the client machines which i have deployed.ThanksRaghu

  5. Raghavendra Rao says:

    Hi every one,Any one tried to Sequence Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. I am getting errors when i am sequencing some components are not installing i.e Dreamweaver & other components….ThanksRaghu

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